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All LG products can be repaired, Get your questions answered about your product repair and maintenances issues.

We provides convenient and satisfying service to our customers. please call us to our number +91 9347912837,  to fix an appointment with a technician. All you have to do is to visit your location on scheduled time. You just have to provide some details about the model, describe the problem and provide some personal information and mainly the type of issue and problem you are facing. we want to check first whether your home appliance is within warranty. If it is not, then please contact us since we are not authorised LG service center we only repair products which are out of warranty. A certified and well-trained technician will promptly visit your service and fix the issue with your home appliance. If in case that a replacement is required to resolve the problem, the technician will inform you about the affected part. You will also be provided with a new and genuine replacement from the same brand, If any replacement of part has to be done.

If you are product is in warranty make sure to review LG’s repair service policy before submitting the form. Aside from using data to land a request, you can also call their customer service hotline. Your call will be answered by one of their customer service representatives will assist you with booking a repair request.

All LG Air conditioner can be repaired, Problems such as cooling issues, PCB errors, Out-door compressor problems, installation/uninstallation etc can be fix. Get your questions answered about your product repair and maintenances issues. please call us to our number +91 9347912837

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